Death By Candlelight

by Daniel Eischeid



Love, Sadness, Destruction


Even when I asked you out, I could not believe you were next to me
Couldn't help but shout it out, I had finally found my destiny
And you held me tight, and I knew right then it would be alright
Nothing matters when set to candlelight
Thus began our romantic history

And then soon we'd figure out that we won't work out quite so perfectly
And we'll even scream and shout, it seems sad but love is so perplexing
And our love is true, so I'll hold it in and I'll stick with you
Nothing matters when you've been feeling blue
Thus began our romantic mystery

I can't escape the things you say to me
You contemplate whether you'll stay or leave
I cannot restrain this love for you

Maybe next I'll choke you out, leave a gasoline puddle next to you
Leave the candles burning out, as I cuddle up right there next to you
And I'll hold you tight cause I love you so and I'll make things right
I can't let you go- death by candlelight is the
only way to escape this misery


released April 4, 2014
Written, recorded, and performed by Daniel Eischeid.



all rights reserved


Daniel Eischeid Edmond, Oklahoma

Nirvana, Weezer, Ozma influenced, melodic, power pop-rock music. Strong melodies, hooks, and good harmony-driven rock. My personal acoustic demos I record on the spot, to give to my band (Starry Skies) to work up drum and bass and guitar tracks for. Some make it to our band's lineup, some don't. They sound very different when finished. Now, full band (solo) demos as well! Please enjoy. ... more

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