by Daniel Eischeid



Another love song, I suppose.


Sometimes I can't figure out just what I'm looking for
The sign's so bright this time, it just can't be ignored
I'm lost without you, but I doubt you'd ever see
That you mean everything to me

Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, help me see help me see
You're the light, to my dark entropy
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, set me free, set me free
I'm locked away, and you hold all the keys

Sometimes I can't figure out what I'm supposed to say
Hello my love will you please marry me someday
Won't sound quite right, I think I might just disappear
A nervous wreck drowning in fear

Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, help me speak, help me speak
When I'm lost, you're the words that I seek
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, help me breathe, help me breathe
When I drown, you're the air that I need

Walk away and I'll fall on my knees but I shall crawl
Back to your side where I stand taller than the trees

oh oh oh, oh oh oh, help me see help me see
You're the starts in the skies over me
oh oh oh, oh oh oh, help me please, help me please
You're the source of my causality

You're the sky, you're the earth, you're the seas
You're the warmth, you're the sun, you're the breeze


released September 8, 2014
Written, arranged, recorded, and performed by Daniel Eischeid. Artwork by Montag.



all rights reserved


Daniel Eischeid Edmond, Oklahoma

Nirvana, Weezer, Ozma influenced, melodic, power pop-rock music. Strong melodies, hooks, and good harmony-driven rock. My personal acoustic demos I record on the spot, to give to my band (Starry Skies) to work up drum and bass and guitar tracks for. Some make it to our band's lineup, some don't. They sound very different when finished. Now, full band (solo) demos as well! Please enjoy. ... more

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