Serial Love

by Daniel Eischeid



Written for the FaceBook songwriting guild prompt "Dead Heat" on June 27th - 28th, 2016.


It all started with a mystery on the night you blew a kiss to me.
From across the room my misery would soon be replaced with disbelief

Then I was glowing, my heart was exploding
Felt like I was floating, I could blow away, hey hey hey hey

I never wanted you to turn around again
The world around me blurred and froze and then
I said that I forgot about my friends, they left without me
And so you offered me a ride

As you drove me home we talked about all the things we couldn't live without
When you stopped the car I could not get out as my mind was filled with fear and doubt

Until you kissed me, worries stopped existing
I could not resist the, urge to bring you in in in in in

I never wanted you to leave my side again
Just take my hand and be my bride and then
Forget about your family and your friends- it's all about me
And so I locked you up that night

Please understand that this was how it had to be
I drove your car into the lake one night so now you're safe with me
And that's okay cause all the things you said you could not live without
Are locked inside my basement with you, there's no need to scream or shout
Cause I'll be here right by your side until the day you have to die
Oh baby hit me, so I know you're still with me - I love you

Baby, seems like you might hate me
Haven't said much lately, or even drawn a breath

I never wanted you to run away again
Forgot to mention food and water when
You told me all the things you needed can you please forgive me

I hope that we can still be friends until the end
If you get lonely I will get your friends
And family then we can both begin our lives together
No one will hear from us again


released June 28, 2016
Song written, arranged, performed and recorded by Daniel Eischeid,
Artwork by Elizabeth Rankin.



all rights reserved


Daniel Eischeid Edmond, Oklahoma

Nirvana, Weezer, Ozma influenced, melodic, power pop-rock music. Strong melodies, hooks, and good harmony-driven rock. My personal acoustic demos I record on the spot, to give to my band (Starry Skies) to work up drum and bass and guitar tracks for. Some make it to our band's lineup, some don't. They sound very different when finished. Now, full band (solo) demos as well! Please enjoy. ... more

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