Young And Alone

by Daniel Eischeid



Song 5 for the FaceBook songwriting game thing. Prompt was "Leave You Guessing"


When I was just a boy there was this girl who lived down the street
I'd walk her home from school, she'd hold my hand, we were so happy
We'd stick together, she was perfect, someday we'd be married
But then that moving truck just took her from me!

Then we were far away, she's the one I adored
She was just within reach, but she's not anymore
So we said our goodbyes and she hung up the phone
We were sad, and we cried, we were young and alone

Then when I was a teen, I met this girl with golden blond hair
I'd pick her flowers, give her candy, follow her everywhere
She was in love, she was just perfect, but something was missing
She just was not that girl from my memories

So I was far away, though I was in her arms
Never could dedicate, didn't mean any harm
So we said our goodbyes, and I hung up the phone
We were sad, and we cried, we were young and alone

One day on FaceBook, "People You May Know"
She just appeared, I had to go
And take a peek at her new life
She looked so happy as a wife
This lucky guy would never know
About that boy from years ago
Who can't move on, who won't let go
Request was sent, but she said no!

Now that I'm all grown up, the smoke has cleared, I have my own place
My friends have all moved on, they're married with a smile on their face
I'm still that boy who lived next door, and I'm still stuck on that girl
I stay cooped up inside, and hide from this world

Because I'd feel so bad if I hurt anyone
And I feel insincere, I don't have any fun
So I said my goodbyes, and I turned off my phone
See what fate has in store, till I'm old and alone


released May 2, 2016
Written, arranged, performed and recorded by Daniel Eischeid.



all rights reserved


Daniel Eischeid Edmond, Oklahoma

Nirvana, Weezer, Ozma influenced, melodic, power pop-rock music. Strong melodies, hooks, and good harmony-driven rock. My personal acoustic demos I record on the spot, to give to my band (Starry Skies) to work up drum and bass and guitar tracks for. Some make it to our band's lineup, some don't. They sound very different when finished. Now, full band (solo) demos as well! Please enjoy. ... more

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